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About us

"En la danza como en la vida, con honestidad."

Argentine Tango emerges from the interaction of European immigrants with locals inhabitants around Buenos Aires harbour. Our story also begins with the encounter of two strangers in a foreign city. 

In 2012, Pamela (Argentina) and Ahmet (Turkey) met in the local scene in Tampere, Finland. Being the only two foreigners in the tango community, they immediately started dancing together as a way to support each other. That was the beginning of Buenos Tangos Dance School, which started operating in 2013 becoming the first International School of Argentine Tango in Tampere.
They taught together during three years, performing at events such as Matkamessut, representing the Embassy of Argentina in Finland. The aim of their partnership was to share their love for Argentine Tango with the new generations. 
Few years later Ahmet moved away from Tampere and Pamela kept teaching Argentine Tango together with international guest teachers under the new brand Tango2Be.

Some time after that, Pamela meet Simon, a very skillful Tango dancer, at a Tango event in Prague. After realizing that he was as passionate and dedicated to Tango as she is, she decided to move to his country Denmark to start working together. Together they are now running Tango2Be studio in Copenhagen.

About Pamela

Born in Argentina, she started dancing as a kid, learning Argentine Folklore and Tango at his father's dance studio, which was then located at the ground floor of their home. Always curious about movement and well-being, she studied several dance styles and health therapies such as Latin American rhythms, Oriental, Indian classical, contemporary, contact improvisation, Pilates, Ayurveda, Tantra and Yoga, among others. But was in 2009 that she gave her first steps in Argentine Tango and fell in love with it immediately. 

"What I discovered in Argentine Tango is a great chance to get to know myself and others from a place of honesty.
While dancing Tango I learn about the experience of being in a human body, about our possibilities of movement

but also about exploring our own feelings and emotions through the dance.

Argentine Tango is all about connection and communication, about boundaries and agreements.

Argentine Tango means poetry in motion."
Pamela learnt Tango by bio-mechanics with maestros Maximiliano Avila, Emilia Nonino and Sebastian Colavita at the Universtiy of Arts (formerly IUNA), with Jenny and Frank Obregón, Cinthia Diaz and Demian García, and lately she has been learning from renowed maestros Chicho Frúmboli and Juana Sepúlveda. Pamela works in the field of fitness and dance since 2009, regularly touring around Europe, spreading her love

for dance and movement with many people all over the world.

About Simon
Simon started dancing Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires eight years ago and continued practicing and learning form the best mastros that visited Denmark. Owner of a very flexible and analytical mind, the dance developed in his body very fast, which allowed him to start teaching around Denmark and get recognized among the best Nordic dancers. 

He particularly enjoys the freedom and the playfulness of this dance and understands Argentine Tango as a space for co-creation. As a teacher he tries to transmit an understanding of the structure of the dance to help students to improvise freely and discover new possibilities on their own.

Pamela and Simon
represent the connection where cultures engage in a danced dialogue. 
Together they search for expressive freedom, deep understanding of the roots of movement, and share the gift of being present for each other. As teachers, they will guide you to discover how to communicate and dance

with your partner in an enjoyable, creative and fulfilling way.