3 ways 2Tango

Choose the best option for you

We create our lessons focused on our students needs. Here you can find a list of our available courses.

If you are not sure about your level, please contact us so we can help you decide which option suits you better.
And remember that in dance as in our lives, we never stop learning.

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Beginners Social Tango

The ABC 2Tango

There are different ways to approach Tango for the first time, for us there are key concepts that will allow you to explore this dance style and understand it through your body and your mind. 
Our beginners course consists of ten lessons.

Next INTENSIVE course is on April 6-7.2019. Early bird prices for the first people who sign up. Register clicking the button below.

Special Workshops

Learn 2Be Tango

Every month the best guest teachers will visit Tampere to share their Tango with you. This courses are intended for Intermediate dancers: people who have been already dancing for some time.
Workshops will focus on developing specific elements of your dance.


Time 2practice

Once a month we meet to practice Tango, to enjoy meeting new dancers and learning more about the codes of the dancefloor in Argentine Tango. Mark the dates in your calendar!

"There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them". - Vicki Baum